29 days left – What’s up with those floors?

Sometimes it is the little things… in this case, it is a pretty big thing – our 35,000 square foot floor.  Our test of scrubbing the floors did not go very well.  They were able to remove all of the old dirt, tape and paint, but the result was a dull and mottled floor that you can see in these photos.  The cleaning process also removed a lot of the original sealant and its shine.  We want a nice shiny floor that matches the rest of our nice shiny warehouse.  It isn’t just about looks.  When the floor isn’t sealed, day-to-day traffic will generate a lot more dust and dirt.  Plus it makes sweeping and mopping extra difficult.

Upon seeing the results of test, the landlord agreed to reseal the entire floor – two coats in some areas (a big thank you shout out to our new friend Corbin Crews at CBRE).  This is really good news for our floors, but incredibly bad news for our timeline.  We had plans to start installing our pallet racking tomorrow, but that will have to wait until the floors are done.  As you can imagine, it is a big job that takes a lot of time.  It is also a messy, stinky job that will be in the way of everyone else.  We will try to get the other contractors like the electricians, painters and data guys to quickly finish a section so that we can work piecemeal behind them.

We are able to push out the pallet rack installation to May 14th without too much impact, but we absolutely need to be done with the floors by the 11th for the installation of our conveyors.  This is a big roadblock that we are going to have to work our way around.

The next challenge of the day arrived with our new bin boxes.  The photo on the left shows what I ordered.  The photo on the right shows what I received.  Look again.  What I ordered… what I received… what up?  I am sure that our old friends at Pollock Paper will set it straight, but it is another delay.

One thing that is progressing ahead of schedule is the installation of all of those data lines that run our work stations and desktop computers as well as our carousels and phones.  George Rubin and the crew from CMS are doing a great job running wire throughout the offices and across our 24′ high ceiling.  It was 93 degrees today and I can’t even imagine how hot it was up at the ceiling.

They also dropped all of the data lines into the IT room that will be the brains of our operation.

This painter is finishing up the last of the painting of our warehouse walls and they look fantastic.  It really brightened things up in there!

Looks like someone left their stilts unattended.  What an opportunity!


  1. It’s great to be able to see how this project is progressing! Thanks for the updates Judi! -Elaine

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