Exceptional Client Experience

This blog is for us to share our goals and stories of Exceptional Client Experiences (ECE) at Burkhart Dental Supply.

For many years we have been recognized in our industry for delivering the highest level of personal service. In 2011, we were recognized by the Customer Service Institute of America as the Business of the Year for the service that we provide.  But this was not good enough.  We now set out to raise the bar higher and to consistently deliver service that is business and life changing for our customers.

Contributors to this blog will be Lori Isbell (President), Greg Biersack (VP Operations), Jeff Reece (VP Sales), Jerry Ritsema (Acct mgr call ECE team leader), Margaret Boyce Cooley (Practice View ECE team leader), Shannon Bruil (Serv Tech call ECE team leader), Michael Norton (Equip Proj ECE team leader) and any other member that has participated in one of these four teams.

We will share our success stories of delivering ECE to our clients and experiences that we have had outside of our industry that motivates us to deliver service that differentiates us.  We also invite you to share your comments of an Exceptional Experience that you have had.  Hopefully many of them will be about the service that we have delivered.

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