What is Social Media Anyway? And How Do I Start Using It?

What is social media? That’s a big question, and it can be hard to answer. An even harder question to answer is: how do I use social media for my business? In this series I will focus on the impact of social media and what it can mean for you as a professional. To kick things off I’d like to share a video from Socialnomics:

The video shares some scary statistics, but they can also be exciting. Think about what this means for your business and your practice. Use this blog as a resource to dive into social media and create a name for yourself and your business online.

In the posts to follow I will focus on the different social media platforms and how you can use them. I will also provide ideas for types of content that you can share and what a good social media post looks like. People today are finding their information in different ways: it’s not just about the yellow pages anymore.

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